Do It Anyway

I’m finally doing it! Writing the blog that’s been swishing around in my brain for at least a decade. 

I’ve been writing since I was able to spell, but I was too afraid, too self-conscious, too unworthy to launch anything out into the world. Yes, this is risky for me. 

I’m doing it anyway. 

I consistently put my projects on the back burner. It was easier, somehow, to be that person who wanted to write but didn’t. My family got in the way; my husband’s start-up business; the PTO at my kid’s school; my friends; the dog; the dog dying; getting another dog. Yes, all-important things. But today, I’m putting them aside. 

I’m writing anyway. 

I’ve shut the laundry room door, turned off the ringer on my phone, and put the dog out on the front porch. Don’t worry, he won’t run away. He seems to like it here. I have a long list of things I should do. 

I’ll be writing anyway. 

For months, no years, I tried to finish at least one of my novels. I failed. And failed. And failed. I had a long list of failed novels waiting to be finished. I desperately needed a win. One day, I opted to do something different. I wrote and edited a picture book-a-week for five weeks straight. Then I sent those picture books out to publishers with no real expectation that anyone would actually want to publish one of my projects. I was too afraid, too self-conscious, too unworthy to put anything out into the world worth reading. But I wrote them anyway, and I sent them out anyway. 

Guess what happened? 

Someone believed in me. They believed in my picture book. They believed there was a place for my words out in the world. Last week, I signed a contract. My first picture book will be released in a little over a year. You know why? 

Because I finished it anyway. 

Turns out, I was wrong. 

I am brave. I do believe in myself. I am worthy of having my voice out in the world.

If you are like me, and you allow everything and everyone to stop you from doing what you want to do because you are too afraid, too self-conscious, too unworthy . . .


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